Helpful Summer Training Links

This page has all of the links that our guys need to have a successful summer and fall, use these to learn, motivate, and improve yourself as a runner this year!

Required Reading -track your own progress over the next few weeks, months, and years, as well as see how your teammates are doing! Search for the Olentangy Orange Boys Team and request to join it!

Jay Johnson-Lunge Matrix Video -Do before EVERY run, do it correctly or you are just wasting your time!

Jay Johnson-Strength & Mobility (SAM) Videos-Do some of these after every run,  a strong core includes hips and back, do the little things to become the best you can be this summer!

Use Summer Training to Make the Jump-Read this article and make the jump in your performance  this summer!

MOTIVATION -up to date on all current things in the professional and college running world! – Great documentary behind the scenes of a championship college xc program. – a week by week account of a championship season at York high school.

Technique/Improve Form -Lots of great videos and drills to improve running form.


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