The Pioneer’s Path

Pioneers pave new paths. They are the first to explore or discover. They do not let fear stop them from trying new things and taking risks. They are pathfinders and trailblazers. And the most successful pioneers never explore on their own. They have a team. We are a team of pioneers who will take the road less travelled to be successful, but most importantly we will be better men when we reach our destination.

The PATH of an Olentangy Orange Cross Country Pioneer requires:

Priorities: Faith, Family, & Schoolwork are all more of a priority than this team. But after those, make this team and becoming a better runner a priority. If you spend more focus on social activities, friends, video games, the internet, etc than you do becoming a better runner,  you will never achieve your full potential. Being a Pioneer is about having your PRIORITIES in order.

Attitude: Attitude is everything, most of life comes from the attitude you choose to have in all situations. We can’t control all of our circumstances, but we are always in control of our attitudes. Great achievements are accomplished when a person chooses to have a great attitude! Especially in running, keeping a positive attitude is one of the most important attributes that all pioneers must possess. Bring a POSITIVE ATTITUDE to this team every day!

Trust: We want this team to become a family; a brotherhood that is forged from working together towards a common goal and the only way to accomplish the goal is through training. We have to TRUST each other. Trust your teammates to give their best, trust your coach to give his best, trust your training on race day. There is a special bond formed among runners that non-runners can’t understand. Embrace this team, be there for each other, encourage each other, and trust each other.

Hard Work: There are no short cuts in life or in running. The only way to greatness is through hard work. The only way for you to become the best possible version of yourself and the best possible runner is to work hard and persevere.  Lazy people get no where in life, so you must make the choice to WORK HARD every day and do whatever you need to do to become the best runner you can possibly be!

The CHOICE is always YOURS, but the PATH is clear for the OOHS Pioneers. Don’t embark on this PATH unless you make it a Priority, bring a great Attitude, Trust your teammates, and are willing to work Hard!

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—

I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference.

-Robert Frost


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