Team Uniform Shorts

With our potential numbers being as high as they are (we’re looking 120-130 guys and 100 girls on the team this year), I am going to STRONGLY ENCOURAGE (just short of making) students buy their own spandex uniform shorts this year. This does not apply to male distance runners. (Even though some male distance runners might want to run in these and are welcome to buy them and use at meets)

But for sprinters/jumpers, the guys and girls wear tight fitting spandex shorts. Many new male runners sometimes don’t like the idea of this, but after going to a meet or two and realizing all male sprinters are in speed suits or spandex shorts, they (you) will come around! You do feel and run faster with the tight fit (there are reasons all college and pro track athletes wear them).

Below are the nike links to buy your own, if you believe your student will be running track for the next few years, it is worth the investment in my opinion.
I do have many of these shorts that I can hand out as well (so this is not mandatory), but they do wear out over time and I’d want my own if I were an athlete. Athletes can use them for practice then too if they wish. Girls Cross Country Runners should definitely try to buy their own as you will use these shorts all year!

If this is your first time running track and you’re not sure about it yet, then don’t buy any now, but if you know you will be competing for more than this season I strongly encourage buying your own.

Girls Varsity: You’ll want to buy BLACK spandex this year, they need to be these volleyball performance shorts due to the length and they CAN’T have “Nike Pro” written on the waist band. You can buy them from another website but make sure they are the same style! (These are the same as our shorts from last year, just different color to go with new uniform tops)
Black Nike Spandex
Another site with them, slightly cheaper, sometimes they go on sale on this site, click here.

Girls JV: Royal BLUE Spandex: Blue Nike Spandex

If you don’t know if you will be a varsity or JV athlete, you can always just wait and buy these closer to or during the season, after you’ve seen the other girls on the team and I’ve had a chance to watch you enough. I have a good idea of who will be varsity or who might work their way into the varsity line up by the time the meets start in April. Feel free to ask me what I think if you want to buy them now, thanks!

GIRLS THROWERS: You need Black shorts, we will eventually be moving to these as our team throwing shorts: Nike Black Shorts with White Stripe If you do running events as well, then the spandex shorts are fine too! You don’t need two team shorts, spandex works, but if you want loose shorts, then buy your own black or the ones linked above.

Boys Varsity & JV: BLACK Nike POWER MEn’s Half-Tight Men’s running shorts: HERE
Again, the nike filament short has been discontinued so we’ll be going with the newer Nike Power half tight, if you can find cheaper, go for it, but NO Nike Pro on waist band!

Boys throwers just need plain black shorts to throw in during the outdoor track season. These can be any brand, just make sure they are all solid black. Here are some from Nike’s website that would work well if you want to buy them to match the uniform top. Link to Nike Shorts for Throwers. Get the black with dark gray swoosh.