The 1% Difference

Many Athletes believe they need “harder” workouts, or a personal trainer, or to lift more weights to improve their performance, but many times major gains in performance come from small lifestyle changes. Especially in sprint and jumps, where .2 is a big PR and 1 inch is a PR, things like SLEEP and NUTRITION and HYDRATION make a huge difference.

The more I coach, the more I think these are the DEFINING factors that separate the good from the great and the average from the good. Its a CHOICE an athlete needs to make if they want to achieve their personal potential. Small Choices may not seem like a big deal but if you do one little thing to improve yourself 1% each day, 365 days a year, then you will be a new, better athlete in a year!

So below is a running list that I hope to update on articles and things to do outside of practice to become the best possible athlete you can be. Many athletes will not attempt to read any of these and improve in these areas, but there is no reason to address changes to the training if you are sabotaging your performance with the other choices you are making in your life.

The other 22 hours outside of practice matter! Enjoy and email Coach Walters if you have a good article you’d recommend!


Vitamin D:

Iron Ferritin: (Extremely important for distance runners GIRLS & Boys) (Very long, but the most scientific and comprehensive article I have found, covering all issues)

Hip & Knee Mobility:


Reflexive Performance Reset (RPR):</a 
Check out videos likes the one below on youtube for evidence of the benefits of RPR, Cal Dietz is a founder of it, so search his stuff first. Coach Walters has posted reset points in lockerooms and will email to any athlete who asks. Game changer to do well before workouts, but even doing when you wake up and before bed can help your body!

Recommended Books: