This summer we are partnering with the OYAA (Olentangy Youth Athletic Association) to start up Olentangy youth cross country clubs. These clubs will meet twice a week, there will be three races throughout the summer, and all the kids will get cross country uniforms!

The OYAA cross country program offers an organized youth cross country team in the summer that is for athletes in the Olentangy community. This gives boys and girls the opportunity to have fun while also developing their skills in the sport of cross country. There are three OYAA teams; we encourage you to register for the team that is in your local high school attendance area.

Register: Please visit the for more information and registration!

VOLUNTEERS: Parents, we need you! If you would be willing to help coach the one practice a week or every other week we would greatly appreciate it. Coach Walters will tell you exactly what you need to do each week. A typical practice will consists of warming up, some form drills, running, and a game!

Practice Schedules: 2017 OYAA Practice Schedules
Registration is done online at